Great & Bates in Hempszop

Great & Bates Exhibition in Warsaw Hempszop

Check out   for more pictures


One response to “Great & Bates in Hempszop

  1. I`ve been a fan for years.
    And would never learn to draw if it wasn`t for Bates.
    I even did a bunch of drawings I never sent. People went like all in and artsy, and I never figured out what style I would present my self with.
    guess I got the same fever as Sume, but don`t belong to the exchange club…
    now I`ve spent 10 years to get somewhat close to a good drwing. Then I went for cans.
    problem is cans are not that easy. I reckon ten more years for control. at least.
    any pointers or trix, at all. would be very much welcomed.

    Thanks For Everything!

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